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Spring Fashion

Ok, ok. I'm cheesy here. But I like my simple (but cute) outfit.

So there’s sometimes nothing that makes you more confident like feeling cute in an outfit. It’s getting warmer out, meaning it’s time to ditch the sweatshirts, boots, heavy coats and layers, and time for some skirts and shorter sleeves.  Today I decided to wear a simple, monotone gray outfit, but I liked its simplicity paired with a gold heart necklace and geometric patterned tights.

Although I don’t have the time to show it, I secretly have a huge passion for fashion.

I draw some inspiration sometimes from this website called Lookbook.nu, a GREAT fashion website where teens and young adults post pictures of their best outfits. I really envy these people. I’m usually too busy, too shy, and with too limited of a budget and all old clothes, to come up with something super-creative like these people out of my wardrobe. Sometimes I do try though.

Even if I don’t use the inspiration that this website gives me, I still enjoying looking. I made a collage on this cool website called vuvox of my favorite recent lookbook.nu looks.



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