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Bike Riding

It’s finally starting to feel like spring! Yahoo!

100_1448 by rowanofravara

"1000_1448" by Rowan of Ravara

I was cooped up editing the school newspaper all morning, so this afternoon I took a bike ride. I rode down my street, past the ocean, and took a rest stop at the beach. Then I rode back up the hill, past mansions, the ocean, past tourists and spring’s robins. It was a lovely ride. :)

I highly recommend taking a leisurely bike ride. It’s great exercise, a great stress reliever, and the fresh air and beautiful scenery really is worth it!

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Laughing at your own clumsiness

This one time, I set the camera on instant timer...and tripped. The camera caught my fall. Yes, those are my feet on the ground and my friends laughing at me...

Ok. I admit it. I’m a klutz. I trip over  my own feet, fall up stairs, spill coffee and food on me, drop things, lose things and I have absolutely no coordination at all. Thankfully, I have learned to laugh at myself. What else can you do when you fall in front of a ton of people?

Today, I spilled coffee all over myself … and although it was embarrassing, I still have a sense of humor and I can laugh at myself. :)

And hey… I’m not the only klutz. Check out failblog for some laughs at other people’s mishaps.


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"Trains in Scotland" by Brian Forbes

"Amtrak Departing Prince,WV" by jpmueller99

I went to visit a friend this weekend, hence no update all weekend. The fun weekend with a friend made me happy enough, but I also love train rides!

I travelled via amtrak for this trip. It was a short hour-long ride, but enjoyable. On my ride down to visit, the sun was setting, and so I had a beautiful view of a “moving” sunset, especially on the parts when the train crossed the water.  I listened to music, and attempted to read my homework (Rousseau), but I couldn’t help but simply stare out the window. On the way home, it was the following  night, and it was dark out. It was beautiful watching the night lights blur past me.

I love taking trains. I also like waiting at the train station and watching the trains speed past. There is this sort of rustic/nostalgic feel to being by train tracks that always makes me happy. -ST

"train" by dccorneilus



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