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Writing in a Journal

Diary by Magic Madzik

I am a writer. It’s only natural, therefore, that I get my feelings out by writing in a journal or diary. I have been keeping a journal since age 10. There were sometimes in my life I wrote every single day, even multiple times a day.  But then there were the times in my life I didn’t write for a year or two, or I’d only write when I was upset or emotional.  Recently I’ve fallen back into the habit of writing in a journal. Sometimes writing helps me sort out my thoughts. Other times it actually confuses me more! But regardless, my diary provides an important outlet for feelings that I can’t or don’t feel like sharing with others and it also documents periods of my life that I can read over later.

It’s really embarrassing going back and reading entries from when I was a little kid, or even from a year or so ago. How could I have said that? What was I thinking? But I’m glad I have these notebooks–they’re like a window into my past.

I can get really creative with my diaries(especially when I was younger). I decorate the front cover with stickers, drawings, cutouts from magazines. I’d draw in them, write song lyrics, poetry, and short stories in them. While nowadays I don’t have the time to spend on being creative with a journal, I still tape tickets stubs and other little scraps of my life into the notebook pages. -ST

(this is not my journal!) Catching up on Journal Writing by Sultry

I’m interested in knowing your thoughts. Do you write in a journal? If you do, why? What do you write about? Are you embarrassed to read your entries over again?


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