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The Andy Griffith Show

I woke up this morning humming (I can’t whistle well) a catchy and joyful tune. I don’t know how this got stuck in my head, because I haven’t heard this tune in years. But it’s so reconizable and easily stuck in your head, and I haven’t been able to get this tune out of my head since! So, I decided to watch the show that this tune came from.

Listen to the theme song here.

For those who don’t know about The Andy Griffith Show, it is a sitcom that aired between 1960 and 1968. Andy Griffith plays a  the part of a widowed sheriff, and the show chronicles funny moments in day to day life.  Andy has hilarious interactions with his son Opie(Ron Howard), Andy’s aunt and housekeeper Aunt Bee, and deputy Barney Fife.  The show takes places in a fictional town of Mayberry, North Carolina.

This show is so heartwarming. The episodes still air on TV Land, and you can find some episodes on their website to watch.  I used to watch this show all the time when I was younger, but I haven’t watched the show in so long!



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