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Why I Drink Tea

A shot from the "Alice in Wonderland" tea party my friends and I held last spring.

A good cup of tea always eases stress for me.

I found a 2007 New York Times article by Anahad O’Connor  that claims that there is only a little bit of scientific evidence that drinking tea reduces stress. The New York Times reports a study done by the British Heart Foundation that found that black tea drinkers did not react to stress differently from those given a caffeinated placebo. The heart rates, hormones, etc. were the same in both groups of men.

However, the study did find that these men could calm down quicker after the stress–the hormones of tea drinkers returned to normal faster than the hormones of those given a placebo.

Read the full article, “The Claim: Drinking Tea Reduces Stress” here.

Ok, so the scientific studies aren’t so generous, but here’s some reasons why tea reduces stress for me and why I love drinking tea:

  • In the colder months, tea warms you up. There is nothing like sipping a warm beverage to keep you nice and toasty. And since it’s snowing outside in the springtime, right now that holds true.
  • Some tea has caffeine. Enough said.
  • Herbal tea, and even to an extent black tea, has a very earthy flavor and scent. It feels so natural and organic to drink tea.
  • Like coffee, tea comes in many flavors that are fun to try out. I like peach flavored tea a lot. I also like Celestial Seasonings Honey Vanilla Chamomile tea.
  • My favorite tea is Red Rose tea. I grew up drinking this tea…and the little figurines that come in the boxes are fun to collect!
  • Some herbal tea can help you fall asleep.
  • Tea and honey do wonders for a sore throat.
  • In the past, my friends dress up and have a tea party. We plan to have an outdoor tea party/picnic when the weather gets warmer. I would recommend having a tea party at least once. I know it sounds kind of frilly and girl-y, but it can be a lot of fun to dress up and get a tea set and make light snacks to go with your many flavors of tea.
  • Speaking of snacks, tea goes great with a Biscotti or other cookies.
  • I love chai tea lattes. Starbucks has the best chai lattes, in my opinion. They are a little spicy when they go down your throat, and therefore really nice in the winter or when you have a sore throat. Chai lattes always remind me of the holidays, but they are great  year round. :)
  • Drinking tea while studying or doing work just sets a tone of ambiance and worldliness. :)

Any other tea drinkers have recommendations for tea tastings or reasons why you love tea?


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Catching up with friends

Photo thanks to Dan John. My friends and I explored a local park/walk on Saturday.

It’s spring break, meaning I’m in my hometown for the week, and I am spending the week relaxing and hangin’ with some  friends that I have not seen in a while. This means it’s time for many movies showings, adventures in parks, and trips to Panera, local diners, and to Starbucks.

Last night I went to the good old  local ‘bux with my friend AS.  It was nice seeing her, especially since I haven’t seen her in ages! We talked about things like old high school friends and enemies (and where they are now) post-graduation plans, and what we’ve been up to in this past year(and for both of us–or last year) of college.

I went to the local diner with my friend MM this morning… got a delicious Belgian waffle with blueberries. Even though we also hang out with a large group of friends, MM and I have a tradition of going to the diner one morning every time we’re both home.  Do you have traditions with friends to make sure you keep in touch? What are your favorite places to frequent when meeting a friend?

A heart to heart over coffee always cleanses the soul a little. Photo "la mill" by Karen.

Oh and for video game geeks like me, here is a funny video make by CollegeHumor about two classic video game characters “catching up.” I can’t embed the original video in this post… soo see the video here. And no– I don’t gossip like Peach and Zelda do…but this video is a funny one to watch! :)

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