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Rainstorms at Night

"Let it Rain" by tested

I admit going out in rain is not fun.  But when you are inside, cuddled in warm covers and listening to the wind gusts against your house and the rain beat against your windows it can be somehow comforting to know you are safe. I like cozy nights where I can enjoy the sound of the rain and warmth of my bed.

Last night was such a night like that. It stormed so bad the wind burst open the front door of our house, which I guess hadn’t been fully closed. (No worries–I have a night owl of a roommate, so she shut the door). The storm woke me up, but I listened to the rain until I eventually fell back asleep.

Living near the ocean is also an interesting experience when storms roll around, because before the storm comes you can hear the distant and eerie fog horn. While that sound is haunting,  at the same time it fills me with this feeling of awe and relaxation. The waves were also crashing loudly the past few nights, and the sound of the ocean filled the air for the past few evenings.

All in all, I love night time storms. Some people (and my dog) are afraid of them, but I feel safe inside and protected against the elements. And I love the thrill of watching a thunderstorm pass by (even though that does not always mean I’m safe).What about others? Are you afraid of rain storms, or do you find them comforting or exciting?

For the relaxing sound of rain without the storm, listen to this song. My family has a lot of these CDs by Dan Gibson, and they are very relaxing nature songs set to classical music.


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