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"Fav Buttons" by Lainey's Repertoire

For my first blog post on My Bit of Happiness, I have decided to write about buttons and have also incorporated them into the blog layout. Why? Because buttons are so wonderfully simple!

Seeing pictures of colorful buttons make me so happy. I think there’s some unexplainable nostalgic feeling in looking through a button collection. Whether it be Mom’s sewing box, Grandma’s old collection or something found lying around, there is something special about these tiny treasures. Finding happiness in the little things is the theme of this blog. I think buttons are the epitome of this sentiment. They are so simple, so common and can be found stashed away in jars and junk drawers. The variance of textures and cheery colors appeal to the eye, and it’s always exciting to find a really original button hidden in a collection!

It’s also¬† fun to find random treasures online. While searching for buttons photos, I came across this wonderful website called jigzone.com, a website that creates online puzzles out of images.¬† Click here to play a button puzzle!



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