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Hello again, internet world.

Yes, I’ve finally decided to resurface to My Bit of Happiness. Why you ask? A few things:

First, I’ve been noticing a lot of friends who are also beginning or returning to blogging, and seeing them update makes me miss this.

Second, my life post-graduation seems a bit dull–leaving the college life, returning home to Connecticut, and not being a workaholic for once makes it feel like I’m not doing much.  So although I’ve actually been having a blast with friends, since I’m not working, taking classes, or serving leadership roles, and since some of my best friends no longer live in the same house or down the street, life seems a bit empty.

I also still don’t know where my life is heading. I’m looking for jobs, mostly in Pennsylvania, meaning I may be moving in with friends and starting a new chapter of my life, but I’m not sure. Uncertainty is scary.

So, with all this being said, I figure it might be beneficial to start focusing on the “good things” again. It can be easy to be negative in such a transitory part of my life, and I don’t want to be.

"What is essential is invisible to the eye" -Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Let me know of what you think about all this. I’d really appreciate feedback or suggestions for my blog and for me. Cool hobbies, websites, things to do, ideas for a blog post, things I can do to make this blog better, anything really. Welcome back, and thanks for reading!


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Taking a Break

Goa Beach Chairs by miqspix

To be honest, I started this blog for a class assignment, and  I have learned in my class that I really enjoy blogging. This blog became, for me, more than a “duty” or a “grade”.  It was a breather from work, from stress, and it really did hone my vision to focus on “the little things.” Words cannot explain how rough and stressful this semester has been (see this post below to get just an idea of what I’ve been up to,) and this blog actually became “My Bit of Happiness.” I loved posting, getting feedback on posts (still do *hint hint*), and enjoyed spending time finding other interesting blogs to read, too.

However, lately, I’ve been forcing myself to find something to write about, and updating my blog has become more of an item on my to-do list than something that I’ve been enjoying.

Natalia at A Side of Simple put it best when she said “And it’s times like that when you need to take a little breather.” I completely agree, Natalia.

So, for now, I am going to focus on surviving the rest of my semester, and then on enjoying my senior week festivities and celebrating becoming a college graduate. I’m not leaving, I promise. In fact,  post-graduation I plan on not only keeping this blog up,but  expanding it, and maybe even re-designing and refurbishing it. My future is unknown…I’m leaving my college in Newport, RI and I’m not quite sure where I’m living or what I’ll be doing, but I do know my life is going to take a different direction, and it’s time to sit back and enjoy the ride for a bit.  It may be only a week, it may be a few months, but keep on checking back, because I’ll return. Be excited :)


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3 weeks until I’m a college graduate. It’s so hard to believe that I’m almost done in college. Granted, I did my undergrad in only 3 years…but these past 3 years have truly changed me….. I had so, so many other memories that I simply can’t list.  If I was to sum up my college experience, I would say:

It was a roller coaster of  experiences,  people, emotions and memories that changed my life and changed how I see the world, and I will never forget that blur of events and moments of learning.

Here are just a FEW of the photos from the past 3 years:


How would you sum up the past three or four years of your life?

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My dog Brandi

I have the cutest dog ever! I own a Cavalier King Charles spaniel named Brandi. She’s a pain sometimes (like when she barks a lot, eats things she shouldn’t, etc…) but she’s so darn cute you can’t help but forgive her.

This is Brandi.

Why hello there!

I iz wet and not happy!

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The Game of Risk

A picture of our Risk board at the beginning of the game. I'm the gray pieces.

Right now, my friends and I are circled around a table, playing a board game called “Risk.” It’s been a long time since I’ve played this game. It’s a strategy board game. The board is a map of the world (with names like Yokutsk….it’s a little outdated) and you place your army on countries to claim them. You take over other countries in a battle of the dice.  The object is to take over the world… dun dun dun!

Currently my friend Ariel has the continent of Australia (a very good continent to have). I’m playing poorly by spreading out over Europe (currently not doing so well, but it’s early on in the game) and trying to take over the “Land Down Under,”  but oh well. It’s all fun anyway. There is six of us playing the game right now, and we’re being a little bit A.D.D–talking and texting and getting veryyy distracted while we play.

Oh, and this game can last as long as Monopoly. Not kidding. Especially since we can’t get through one person’s turn without discussing something unrelated to the game….

For some risk strategy, click here.


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Catching up with friends

Photo thanks to Dan John. My friends and I explored a local park/walk on Saturday.

It’s spring break, meaning I’m in my hometown for the week, and I am spending the week relaxing and hangin’ with some  friends that I have not seen in a while. This means it’s time for many movies showings, adventures in parks, and trips to Panera, local diners, and to Starbucks.

Last night I went to the good old  local ‘bux with my friend AS.  It was nice seeing her, especially since I haven’t seen her in ages! We talked about things like old high school friends and enemies (and where they are now) post-graduation plans, and what we’ve been up to in this past year(and for both of us–or last year) of college.

I went to the local diner with my friend MM this morning… got a delicious Belgian waffle with blueberries. Even though we also hang out with a large group of friends, MM and I have a tradition of going to the diner one morning every time we’re both home.  Do you have traditions with friends to make sure you keep in touch? What are your favorite places to frequent when meeting a friend?

A heart to heart over coffee always cleanses the soul a little. Photo "la mill" by Karen.

Oh and for video game geeks like me, here is a funny video make by CollegeHumor about two classic video game characters “catching up.” I can’t embed the original video in this post… soo see the video here. And no– I don’t gossip like Peach and Zelda do…but this video is a funny one to watch! :)

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Pon and Zi


Jeff Thomas // Azuzephre

I found these charming cartoons a long time ago, and I just changed an icon of mine to Pon and Zi last night. These “emo” cartoon characters were created by Azuzephre, and revolve around one of the characters saying something cheesy about love or sad about missing the other partner.

These cartoons always make me happy–even the sad/sappy ones. They are just so endearing.

To see more of these cartoons, check out Pon and Zi fan site or Azuzephre’s Deviant Art Page.

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Writing in a Journal

Diary by Magic Madzik

I am a writer. It’s only natural, therefore, that I get my feelings out by writing in a journal or diary. I have been keeping a journal since age 10. There were sometimes in my life I wrote every single day, even multiple times a day.  But then there were the times in my life I didn’t write for a year or two, or I’d only write when I was upset or emotional.  Recently I’ve fallen back into the habit of writing in a journal. Sometimes writing helps me sort out my thoughts. Other times it actually confuses me more! But regardless, my diary provides an important outlet for feelings that I can’t or don’t feel like sharing with others and it also documents periods of my life that I can read over later.

It’s really embarrassing going back and reading entries from when I was a little kid, or even from a year or so ago. How could I have said that? What was I thinking? But I’m glad I have these notebooks–they’re like a window into my past.

I can get really creative with my diaries(especially when I was younger). I decorate the front cover with stickers, drawings, cutouts from magazines. I’d draw in them, write song lyrics, poetry, and short stories in them. While nowadays I don’t have the time to spend on being creative with a journal, I still tape tickets stubs and other little scraps of my life into the notebook pages. -ST

(this is not my journal!) Catching up on Journal Writing by Sultry

I’m interested in knowing your thoughts. Do you write in a journal? If you do, why? What do you write about? Are you embarrassed to read your entries over again?


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Gummy Bears… Covered in Chocolate?

Almost too cute to eat...but also too tasty to not eat.

Clearly I have a sweet tooth, so when a roommate offered me these yummy treats I couldn’t resist.  I’m pretty sure eating these made my day.

Gummy bears are so freaking cute! Am I the only weird one that pretends the bears are alive and makes them walk around and talk? And then of course I eat them… nom nom.

Regular gummy bears come in pretty colors and are deliciously chewy and sweet. The chocolate coating adds an interesting variety by blending two of my favorite things together.  If you are in the Rhode Island area, you can find these chocolate covered gummy bears at Goodies by the Sea.

Gummy bears by kowitz

Gummy Bears by Jamie's Pics 3

One Man Show by Mycael


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The Andy Griffith Show

I woke up this morning humming (I can’t whistle well) a catchy and joyful tune. I don’t know how this got stuck in my head, because I haven’t heard this tune in years. But it’s so reconizable and easily stuck in your head, and I haven’t been able to get this tune out of my head since! So, I decided to watch the show that this tune came from.

Listen to the theme song here.

For those who don’t know about The Andy Griffith Show, it is a sitcom that aired between 1960 and 1968. Andy Griffith plays a  the part of a widowed sheriff, and the show chronicles funny moments in day to day life.  Andy has hilarious interactions with his son Opie(Ron Howard), Andy’s aunt and housekeeper Aunt Bee, and deputy Barney Fife.  The show takes places in a fictional town of Mayberry, North Carolina.

This show is so heartwarming. The episodes still air on TV Land, and you can find some episodes on their website to watch.  I used to watch this show all the time when I was younger, but I haven’t watched the show in so long!



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