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Pon and Zi


Jeff Thomas // Azuzephre

I found these charming cartoons a long time ago, and I just changed an icon of mine to Pon and Zi last night. These “emo” cartoon characters were created by Azuzephre, and revolve around one of the characters saying something cheesy about love or sad about missing the other partner.

These cartoons always make me happy–even the sad/sappy ones. They are just so endearing.

To see more of these cartoons, check out Pon and Zi fan site or Azuzephre’s Deviant Art Page.

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Cookie Cake…mmmm

So it was my roommate’s 21st birthday yesterday, and two of my friends baked a very yummy cake…but it wasn’t just any ordinary cake.

Cake+cookie+chocolate+Hershey's= yum.

This was a cookie cake–baked in a cake pan and then coated with chocolate frosting and caramel Hershey’s Kisses… aka DELICIOUS! Although I wouldn’t recommend eating too much of this cake at once, it  provides some variety from the traditional birthday treats–and can be made for any occasion. “It’s not too hard to make,” says JS, who prepared the cake. “It’s easier than making actual cookies because all you do is squish the batter into the same pan.”

If you are interested in making a cookie cake for yourself, here is the link to the recipe:



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