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Here comes Peter Cottontail…

As a kid in my Easter outfit...awww

I love spring...and the overabundance of flowers.

As I’m recuperating from a wonderfully delicious Easter dinner of ham, sweet potatoes, kielbasi, bread, strawberry shortcake…and oh so much more… I am am going to wish that everyone else had a wonderful day, whether or not you celebrate Easter.

Sadly, my brothers and I were too old for an Easter egg hunt, but just for the sake of the child in us all, here is a silly online game that requires hunting for eggs:

I also missed the Easter egg decorating again, but here’s an online easter egg decorating game, too:


Of course, I know the true meaning of Easter.  But I must admit, this holiday always reminds me of childhood, more so than even Christmas or Halloween. I think it’s because of the feeling of spring in the air, the feeling of renewal and rebirth. Today it’s sunny and warm–I think one of our warmest days all season so far– so it really does feel like spring.  Also, Easter’s pastel colors, the bunnies, the eggs, the Easter egg hunts… all are so refreshing and youthful. This holidays timing during the month of April, when it is just getting warm here, really is perfect for a holiday celebrating Christ’s resurrection.

Take a breather today, spend time with friends or family, and celebrate life.

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New shoes (via sarah horrigan photography)

Check out this photography blog. Sarah Horrigan posts wonderfully nostalgic photos that take me back to memories of childhood. :)

New shoes New shoes, originally uploaded by horrigans. Day 89: “They look like grandma shoes” says my 7 year old, helpfully… *sigh* … Read More

via sarah horrigan photography

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Spring is in the air! It is nice out today, so as a break from homework, my  friends and I decided to go outside and enjoy the weather. We spent some time tree climbing, and then broke out the bubble wand. I’m so excited it’s finally starting to feel like spring. The fresh air is so nice. So is acting like a child. Climbing in trees and bubble blowing are such innocent, carefree activities. It sounds like a dorky thing to do (ok it is) but it really relieves some stress by just being a goofball. Try it!

Jenn blowing bubbles.


In lieu of the bubble adventure my friends and I had, I am going to share a poem I wrote a long time ago:

Float Endlessly on and on and on
I know we will make it there alright
Despite the blinding lights
Luminous allure pulling us in

We were all just bubbles
Passing the time
Finding our places in the universe
Will you tell me where is mine?

Let’s all be young again
Gliding gently down
To get the sensation
Nothing is wrong at all

But bubbles don’t mean anything anymore
Just a pocket of naivety
Surrounding our innocent forms
They must have all broken apart

Bubbles blown in our youth
Bubbles popping in midair
Now that we have learned the truth
Bubbles are gone forever

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"Fav Buttons" by Lainey's Repertoire

For my first blog post on My Bit of Happiness, I have decided to write about buttons and have also incorporated them into the blog layout. Why? Because buttons are so wonderfully simple!

Seeing pictures of colorful buttons make me so happy. I think there’s some unexplainable nostalgic feeling in looking through a button collection. Whether it be Mom’s sewing box, Grandma’s old collection or something found lying around, there is something special about these tiny treasures. Finding happiness in the little things is the theme of this blog. I think buttons are the epitome of this sentiment. They are so simple, so common and can be found stashed away in jars and junk drawers. The variance of textures and cheery colors appeal to the eye, and it’s always exciting to find a really original button hidden in a collection!

It’s also  fun to find random treasures online. While searching for buttons photos, I came across this wonderful website called jigzone.com, a website that creates online puzzles out of images.  Click here to play a button puzzle!



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