My dog Brandi

I have the cutest dog ever! I own a Cavalier King Charles spaniel named Brandi. She’s a pain sometimes (like when she barks a lot, eats things she shouldn’t, etc…) but she’s so darn cute you can’t help but forgive her.

This is Brandi.

Why hello there!

I iz wet and not happy!

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One response to “My dog Brandi

  1. Judy

    Oh yes she is lucky she is cute despite the fact her 1 tooth extraction today was $311, along with the other countless trips, hence $$$ to the vet for health related issues, that she can’t sleep past 6 AM on a weekend no less, has to eat special food which is more $$$, becomes hysterical during thunder and lightning and don’t even mention fireworks, but will growl, bark and attempt to lunge at dogs four times her size who would think of her as dessert, is overweight at 23 lbs ( 16 is average, doesn’t get that dirty tissues, sticks and leaves can make her sick (and no she does not clean up after herself). BUT despite it all she is pretty special and is our “little bit of happiness!”

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