10 Ways to Say I Love You (Without Saying It) (via Jaclyn Rae’s Blog)

I love Jaclyn’s blog so much, that this is the second reblog of hers I’ve done. This blog is filled with so much love and hope.

10 Ways to Say I Love You (Without Saying It) 10. Stand up for a friend when he or she is alone. 9. Invite your sibling to hang out with you and your friends. 8. Tell someone you’re a better person because of them. 7. Leave a thank you note in someone’s pocket. 6. Prepare a meal for someone. 5. Help a friend move. 4. Talk positively about your family when they aren’t around. 3. Sing a song on someone’s voicemail. 2. Encourage someone’s dreams. 1. Tell someone they are your sunshine. … Read More

via Jaclyn Rae’s Blog



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2 responses to “10 Ways to Say I Love You (Without Saying It) (via Jaclyn Rae’s Blog)

  1. Judy

    To follow through with this post You are my sunshine! And to show how much I love you I will not sing on your voicemail, though it is tempting. I wish I was there to put a note in your pocket It would say that I Love You and am very proud of you. I have always believed you should follow your dreams. I help you move. Well maybe my meal preps show a little less love (cooking is not my thing), but I enjoy going out to eat with you. I sing your praises to others. I enjoy your company. I have stood up for you. But the most important is that my life changed for the better the second you came into this world. I Love You!

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