Pandora Station: Paul Simon

To go along with the music theme of yesterday’s reblog post, I am posting 5 recent awesome songs that came on my Pandora Paul Simon station:

A feel-good song, Paul Simon, “Born at the Right Time”:

Upbeat and fun, Stevie Nicks, “Edge of Seventeen”:

Beautiful and mellow, Bruce Springsteen, “I’m on Fire”:

Real, honest, emotion, Fleetwood Mac, “Go your own way”:

Some of my favorite lyrics ever, James Taylor, “Fire and Rain”:

and speaking of Paul Simon, I hear Simon and Garfunkel are touring this year?


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2 responses to “Pandora Station: Paul Simon

  1. ohhhhhhh em gee steph, love this post! and i love paul simon (he’s touring this spring and i’m determined to go, are you interested?!?)… gracelamd is prob my top favorite album of all time and apparently his new album is comparable, coming out in less than 2 weeks! also john mayer has covered i’m on fire in the past and has done a darn good job, and btw, i heart james taylor. that is all :)!

    • Steph

      When is the concert? If I have money and time (and am not living in another state…which may happen…) I would love to go.

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