"Trains in Scotland" by Brian Forbes

"Amtrak Departing Prince,WV" by jpmueller99

I went to visit a friend this weekend, hence no update all weekend. The fun weekend with a friend made me happy enough, but I also love train rides!

I travelled via amtrak for this trip. It was a short hour-long ride, but enjoyable. On my ride down to visit, the sun was setting, and so I had a beautiful view of a “moving” sunset, especially on the parts when the train crossed the water.  I listened to music, and attempted to read my homework (Rousseau), but I couldn’t help but simply stare out the window. On the way home, it was the following  night, and it was dark out. It was beautiful watching the night lights blur past me.

I love taking trains. I also like waiting at the train station and watching the trains speed past. There is this sort of rustic/nostalgic feel to being by train tracks that always makes me happy. -ST

"train" by dccorneilus



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3 responses to “Trains

  1. definitely feel an affinity with trains too :). i was lucky enough to take the amtrak back to boston once instead of the bus and it traveled along the CT coast, stopped in new london, etc and it was so so lovely and a really peaceful, ponderous experience that really gave me a sense of calm for the week. yay trains :). i agree – definitely brings you back to the past, americana.

    • ST

      That was the train I took :). It was indeed ponderous. I’m naive–are there are any trains in the part of India you are currently in?

      • indeed! the city i’m in is kind of like a “truck stop” on the national highway that goes to bangalore. so, there are a lot of trucks.. haha. but trains are a large part of how people travel from city to city. a lot of people (twenty-somethings) will take the sleeper train up to bangalore saturday night and get there early sunday, spend the whole day and come home. the school/work week is mostly mon-sat so only one day off a week. but yes! we have a train right down the street from where we stay and hear its whistle a lot in the wee hours of the morning. i am kind of used to it, grew up with the one across the housatonic haha :).

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