Going for walks along the ocean

Look what I found on today's walk!

Like a lot of people, I like going on walks to relieve stress or unhappiness. It was a little chilly today, but I put on a pair of gloves, a hat and a warm coat  and headed off to the ocean for about 30 minutes.  I like walking around 4 pm, because the sun was getting low enough to cast a warm glow and shadows on the surroundings. The ocean was deep blue today and the sky was a pretty pink and light blue.

I’m really lucky to live by the ocean. I stopped by a small stretch of sand to snap a few pictures. Someone had been creative and made a sculpture of rocks! I also recorded a video. (Check it out below). I listened to my ipod for most of the walk, but unplugged just long enough to hear the soothing crashing of the tides on the sand.

I headed back from this walk refreshed and happy I got to enjoy some fresh air for a little bit.


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