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I Carry Your Heart With Me (via Jaclyn Rae’s Blog)

This is an absolutely beautiful blog brimming with love and creativity. Yes, this post’s topic is a sad one (breakups), buuut Jaclyn has an outlook on “exes” that is so worth learning from. Jaclyn Rae writes with so much wisdom & beauty that I simply had to reblog this. :)

“Your story is still being written and, I promise, there will be a happy ending”

I Carry Your Heart With Me I’m not convinced that relationships ever really end. Even when one person says “it’s over” and both people move on. We reach this point and our environment pressures us to pretend like the people of our past never existed. We’re encouraged to write our ex’s off as crazy and “just forget about them.” At the very least, we’re expected to stop loving them. I see things differently. I sometimes love people more after a break-up. Not in a way that ke … Read More

via Jaclyn Rae’s Blog

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"Trains in Scotland" by Brian Forbes

"Amtrak Departing Prince,WV" by jpmueller99

I went to visit a friend this weekend, hence no update all weekend. The fun weekend with a friend made me happy enough, but I also love train rides!

I travelled via amtrak for this trip. It was a short hour-long ride, but enjoyable. On my ride down to visit, the sun was setting, and so I had a beautiful view of a “moving” sunset, especially on the parts when the train crossed the water.  I listened to music, and attempted to read my homework (Rousseau), but I couldn’t help but simply stare out the window. On the way home, it was the following  night, and it was dark out. It was beautiful watching the night lights blur past me.

I love taking trains. I also like waiting at the train station and watching the trains speed past. There is this sort of rustic/nostalgic feel to being by train tracks that always makes me happy. -ST

"train" by dccorneilus



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Review: John Mayer

Today when I was walking to class,  John’s Mayer’s “Your Body is a Wonderland” started playing on my Ipod.  Even though the song has some hidden (or not so hidden) dirty lyrics, I can’t help but love it.  It’s such an addicting song.  I love Mayer’s voice and how  soothing and sensual it is. And yes, I know–John Mayer is a bit pretentious and his ego has grown “Bigger Than His Body,” shall we say. But whatever, because he’s a phenomenal guitar player!

For those who find Mayer’s mainstream music too “pop,” I recommend checking out his blues/rock band called the John Mayer Trio to really get a taste of his talent.  The song below is called “Vultures.”  While this song was released on Mayer’s “Continuum” album, and is one of my favorite songs on that album, I personally prefer the JMT version.

The John Mayer Trio is amazing. The band founded in 2005, and the Trio released a live album, Try! in that year.  The album covers two songs: “Wait Until Tomorrow” by Jimi Hendrix, and “I Got a Woman” by Ray Charles. The JMT also covers John Mayer songs,  “Daughters,” “Something’s Missing,””Vultures” and “Gravity.” Finally, there are three original songs that are written by Mayer and/or the other band members.

The other two band members are bassist Pino Palladino(amazing…) and the legendary Steve Jordan on drums.

I usually get annoyed when artists go “mainstream,” and create pop music that is “below” their talent or not true to themselves . However, I like the mixture of JM’s “poppier” acoustic stuff with JMT’s blues sound. It creates a variety and gives me  different, but all amazing, sounds to listen to when I’m in different moods. I guess John Mayer has a right to be egotistical….

Want to know more about John Mayer? Check out his website at:

Here is JMT’s site:



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Going for walks along the ocean

Look what I found on today's walk!

Like a lot of people, I like going on walks to relieve stress or unhappiness. It was a little chilly today, but I put on a pair of gloves, a hat and a warm coat  and headed off to the ocean for about 30 minutes.  I like walking around 4 pm, because the sun was getting low enough to cast a warm glow and shadows on the surroundings. The ocean was deep blue today and the sky was a pretty pink and light blue.

I’m really lucky to live by the ocean. I stopped by a small stretch of sand to snap a few pictures. Someone had been creative and made a sculpture of rocks! I also recorded a video. (Check it out below). I listened to my ipod for most of the walk, but unplugged just long enough to hear the soothing crashing of the tides on the sand.

I headed back from this walk refreshed and happy I got to enjoy some fresh air for a little bit.


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"Fav Buttons" by Lainey's Repertoire

For my first blog post on My Bit of Happiness, I have decided to write about buttons and have also incorporated them into the blog layout. Why? Because buttons are so wonderfully simple!

Seeing pictures of colorful buttons make me so happy. I think there’s some unexplainable nostalgic feeling in looking through a button collection. Whether it be Mom’s sewing box, Grandma’s old collection or something found lying around, there is something special about these tiny treasures. Finding happiness in the little things is the theme of this blog. I think buttons are the epitome of this sentiment. They are so simple, so common and can be found stashed away in jars and junk drawers. The variance of textures and cheery colors appeal to the eye, and it’s always exciting to find a really original button hidden in a collection!

It’s also  fun to find random treasures online. While searching for buttons photos, I came across this wonderful website called, a website that creates online puzzles out of images.  Click here to play a button puzzle!



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